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KD Is the New XD!
— Mario Rk
Feel Free to look around!

About me

Hey! I am Mario Rk, former administrator, bureaucrat and widget editor of Club Penguin Shops. I used to run the Great Mall, but eventually I discontinued it due to a lack of activity. I once had tons in store for The Great Mall, though they never made it unfortunately. Though I'm inactive now, I'll still buy items from some malls if they look good. You can learn more about me and my history on my Club Penguin Wiki userpage if you want.

Questions and Answers

Question Answer
What is your IRC Nickname? My main nicknames are Mario-Rk and ShinyOshawott
Your timezone? My timezone is Eastern Standard Time.
Where can I view your artwork? You may view most of my modern artwork at my DeviantArt that you can find here!
Do you have a Youtube account? Yeah, although I don't upload as frequently as I used to you can still view my channel here.
What program do you use for your artwork/items? I use GIMP for pretty much everything



  • KD is the new XD!
  • The cake is a lie! Pie is truth.
  • Go eat some cake!

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