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Our current logo as of February 28, 2015

Welcome to the Club Penguin Shops! Our main focus is on virtual malls, but you can make anything you'd like, including cities, newspapers, store chains, and much, much more. This wiki was founded on August 15, 2010 by Ben 100022, and we've since hosted thousands of virtual items, dozens of malls, and more. Our current administrators are Chill57181 (promoted September 12, 2014) and Yoshi11 (promoted August 12, 2016).


See here for a comprehensive timeline of our wiki.

Shops began on August 15, 2010 and was founded by Ben 100022 on Wikia, and it flourished. Ben himself, along with Chill57181, ClubPenguinMaster, FawfultheGreat, and Gary the Gaget Dude kept the wiki in check as admins. In September 2010, the community celebrated their first full month of being open. Eventually, the community started to disappear until the wiki was empty. A revival attempt was planned in December 2010, but failed. Eventually on March 2011, the only remaining admin Chill57181 had accepted the deal with Seahorseruler to be moved onto the Club Penguin Wiki Network.

At that point, users slowly started to come in, and after a bumpy road for the first few months, the community once again began to flourish as it did back in the old days. In the Summer, there were tons of users and LordMaster96 started the trend of custom items, which although ClubPenguinMaster had done before, never became popular until now. At that point pretty nearly every mall you see has custom items. The bank system also opened, which although a currency idea was implemented on Wikia, had never been as organized as it currently was. Brookelas also started making official wiki-wide events after nothing since October 2010, and also started the trend of mall events.

In August 2011, Cp kid came up with the idea of Mall of the Month, which still stands today. LordMaster96 also created the Subway. Things were normal until Spring 2012, when tons of new features popped up. Snowstormer revived Ben's idea of the CPSW Farmlands, TheBroMaster started up the official Shops Blog, Yoshi11 and Chill57181 made mall reviews and event reviews respectfully, and the Recycling Plant was set up by TheBroMaster along with the Arcade!

As you can see, all these events in Shops' history have better shaped it to what your wiki is today, three years later.

How do you use it?

It's easy to get started using Club Penguin Shops. All you have to do is to create a mall (page) that sells a variety of items (images). These images could be anything you'd want to sell, from clothes to furniture and food, although please don't upload items containing content violating our rules. Other people will be able to order in your shop once you have created the page and own a bank account. To request a bank account, click here!

Club Penguin Shops has a virtual currency called WikiBuck$ (shortened to WB$). Whenever you buy or sell something, your balance is changed. When you sell something, you should give it to that user on their talk page, and change your bank balance by how much money it costed. For example, if you have 500 WB$ and someone buys something costing 8 WB$, your balance will now be 508 WB$. If you buy something costing 9 WB$ afterwards, your balance would become 499 WB$. Please remember though, that when you buy something, you shouldn't update your own balance. The owner of the mall will edit your balance when you get your order.

Can I create a mall?

Yes, everyone can make a mall in our wiki! And don't worry, we never have too many malls, another mall is just what we want!

How do I create pages?

There are a couple of ways to start a page, such as clicking on a redlink or searching for your mall in our search bar (this way you can also check if a mall by that name already exists). To create a page using the search bar, just type the mall name you want in there, for example: "Awesome Shopping Paradise" or "Example Center". Another, a bit more confusing but faster way is to just add the page's name at the end of the address. Right now you should see this in your address bar:

It might differ a bit from browser to browser, some browsers have http:// in front of it as well. To create a page this way, you can remove Club_Penguin_Shops:About and replace it with your mall name (replacing spaces with _'s is not needed). For example: Mall

Press enter and it should take you to a page which says that this page doesn't exist, click "Create" and start creating your mall!

Club Penguin Shops uses a coding language called "wikicode", a very simplified version of HTML. There are plenty of tutorials for wikicode out there, and the editor already comes with basic wikicode features, like <nowiki> <br> and <center>. Shops use another tag called <gallery>, which allows images to be put right next to each other in thumbnails. It is very useful for stores, and you should use it for your stores to look professional. An example of <gallery> is:

File:MyItem.png|My Item - 10 WB$
File:MyOtherItem.png|My Other Item - 20 WB$

That will allow you to sell My Item and My Other Item. Of course, the files would have to exist in order. Some malls use certain wikicode designs that have colors and other design features. You could make color designs too if you wanted to, but you don't have to, because such designs use advanced wikicode features and if you're still new, you're suggested to make a regular white page and update it over time.

Club Penguin Shops is a world for all people, where you can create your own mall with shops, add events, and most importantly, have fun. If you need help with anything, feel free to contact one of Shops' administrators.

Where do I find the rules?

You can find the rules in our policy, located right here! We highly recommend that you read all of our rules, which will prevent you from getting you into any trouble in the future.

This page was last modified on August 12, 2016.