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What's up? Besides the sky



The weather is sunny, with 29 degrees celsius. For fahrenheit, please use an online converter.

Map of City of Wizzint

About Gdanham[edit]

Gdanham (also known as Wizzint, and in the past official name was Wizzint) is a large city. Wizzint has a traditional European culture, but with some traces of east Asian as well, and is one of the richest areas of entire Moon Island. It has a lot of citizens (about 200,000 of them) and is known for housing over 250,000 toursits yearly, mostly in December, when the city is most beautiful during the nights, when auroras are on the nighttime skies.

The best time to visit Gdanham for tourism is December nights. During that time, beautiful auroras are on the skies, the buildings are red and glowing, the beach is simply amazing and there is soo much to see. Every winter, tons of snow falls upon the city of Gdanham and everyone is having a jolly good time shopping and snowball fighting.

Gdanham has been operating proudly since November 2013 and has been a proud city of Moon Island ever since.


Companies / Stuff[edit]


More coming soon...


  • Industrial Street - Home to the Farmlands, HatPop Store, Newspaper Stand, Icelandia Mall
  • Eggnog Street - Home to the Eggnog Emporium and Childen's Store Mini, Newspaper Stand
  • Airport Street - Home to the Airport, Newspaper Stand
  • Medieval Street - Home to the GemCity mall, Christmas Tree, Santa's Sled, Santa Styles, Central Park, Wizzaveniers, Newspaper Stand
  • Asiapelagonean Street - Home to the WizSushi, Space Fleet, Newspaper Stand, Penguin Bros
  • Residental Street A - Home to all penguins in Wizzint's houses, Newspaper Stand

Request to get a Store![edit]

It's FREE, and all the money goes to YOU!

Request to get a House![edit]

It costs a really low price of 10 WB$ during November and December, but when it's not November or December, it costs 20 WB$. Order your house now where you can put your furniture and shtuff! it costs 2 WB$ for Chills