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Welcome00 Announcements
  • I've quit. Goodbye guys! :(
  • I have RETURNED!!

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Welcome to my userpage!

Random statistics[edit]


Card-Jitsu Club[edit]

Card-Jitsu Club Tournament #1 Round Robin Standings
GP Wins Losses Record Points
1 NickelbackFan37 3 2 1 W-W-L 4
2 Brookelas 3 2 1 W-L-W 4
3 Welcome00 3 2 1 L-W-W 4
4 Mario Rk 1 0 1 L-X-X 0
5 Error504 2 0 2 X-L-L 0

Mall of the Month Pie Charts[edit]

Random links[edit]

Things about me[edit]

Question Answer
Where do you live? Malaysia.
What is your time zone? UTC +8. There are no Daylight Savings Time though, so I won't change my clock.
When did you join this wiki? March 2012. (Eventhough, I've been on CP and the CPW since 2009!)
What is your IRC nick? Welcome00 when I'm on my PC, and Welc00me when I'm on my iPad.
How old are you? It's classified.
What do you use for drawing? Paint.NET and sometimes PhotoShop.
Do you have a Youtube account? No, but I do watch a lot of stuffs from Minecraft to FIFA 13, funny vids to viral vids.
Do you play any other games? Yes.
How did you got the name Welcomall for your mall? Well, I was first thinking of LOL Mall or Welcome00's Mall, but later then, I got a brilliant idea of combining these 2 words, Welcome and Mall. And you got, Welcomall!
Do you have a Twitter account? Heck yea! Check my Twitter account here!

My friends[edit]

All of the users here are my friends, but the one who listed here are my good friends. If you're not listed, it means I don't know you well.