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Welcome to Club Penguin Shops! This is a place where you can create your own malls, participate in parties, earn stamps, find stuff, and much more!
Here, having fun is our primary goal! Make sure to respect the Administrators and all the other users here! We hope you enjoy editing here!

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Places to go

If you would like your business on here, just ask an administrator on their talk page!
Mall of the Month
July's Mall of the Month, with 2 votes is...


Quackermall was created by Quackerpingu in May 2015. Congratulations, Quackerpingu!

There are no official parties right now. Check malls around Shops and you're likely to find an event. You can look here to see future official events.
Free items
There are no free items right now. Check back during an official event.
Administrator name Signature Activity level IRC nick(s) Time zone Bureaucrat?
United States of America Chill57181 (T C DC) Chill57181 Talk Contribs Partially Active Chill57181 UTC -6 (Central Standard Time) Yes


  • Lime - Fully Active - These users are always active and monitering the wiki. They are the best to message in an emergency!
  • Orange - Almost Fully Active - These users try to be active as much as they can, and are on 2 - 3 times a week. They are really smart, so ask them questions, just not in an emergency!
  • Yellow - Partially Active - These users are somewhat active, but are not on as much. These users are also smart, so message them for questions, but not in an emergency!
  • Red - Inactive - These users are inactive and will most likely be up for demotion soon. Do not message these guys. Remember: One edit a month will not keep you out of this zone. Being active on IRC isn't either.
  • Aqua - Away - These users are away, so please temporarily excuse their absense. Do not message them though.
  • Pink - Trial - These users are new admins who are testing to be a fully trained admin. They are not as knowledgeable as other admins.
  • Gray - Up for demotion - These users are up for demotion and will be demoted soon if a vote passes.
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