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Welcome to my userpage, that is a bit of "myself" creativity on my own page, haha!

An image of his penguin
Penguin's Name Prepositions
Favorites none
Member? Yes
First Pin Pizza Slice
Famous Penguins Met Gary, Rockhopper
Date Joined Wiki 2017, July
Date Joined Club Penguin 2015
Admin? No
Mall(s) The Mare Mall



Well, do you want me to describe about... me? Haha! Sorry, I'm not so good at this, but, I would describe myself as a good person that tries to make things right, tries to make everything peaceful and good for everyone to feel confortable. My slogan is "Mare", but I love to say "Whoever burns its tongue, will never forget to blow the soup", it is one of my list.

I know three languages too, and I'm trying to know Japanese. I'm Brazilian! Samba, woo! Samba, woo!

Since we don't dance Samba here, this phrase was inutile.

Pretty inutile

My History at Club Penguin

My friend recommended it for me, so I started to play it in 2015. I didn't was on the "gold era", but I guess I played well... When Club Penguin ended, I was broke. That was a knife inside my heart, because... I had friends there. Just there, from another part of Brazil that I would never forget, and.. they were gone in just a moment.

So, I decided to get my head up. And I've said:

"Mare, we don't need those friends when we can make another. Lemme search somare CPPS here."

That was a shot and a fall, because the friends I've had on CP Rewritten they are pretty cooler than the others. I believe everyone can make friends.

Joining the wiki

I've joined the wiki because I'm a young shopper, as my grammy says. She says: "What is the mare you want to be when you grow, huh, mare? I guess you mare have the mare to make a good shop.". When I joined "Club Penguin Wiki em Português" and I've saw "Club Penguin Shops" I jumped over there, and created Prepositions' Clothes Store that turned into a mall, my mall. I'm very proud of my progress here.

My Friends

I consider Yoshii11 my friend, DJDiamond and Chilli. I love those guys!

What is a mare?

A mare is an adult female horse. Uma égua é um cavalo fêmea adulto, égua.

I say it, because here on my region everyone talks "mare" for everything. I gues you can talk "mare" too! Just if you want, of course, but, when you are sad... go to the window. Put your head out and scream!


Achievements and Awards

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