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As you can see, I am back to activity. But I might be back to inactivity if nothing happens on this wiki anymore, like in the past 9 months.

Hello! I am Penstubal, a chat moderator on the wiki's IRC. I am a user here since March 2013. If you need any help, message me on the talk page or talk to me on the IRC! I am online on the IRC almost every day.

I am still here; but I have nothing much to edit and I am getting lazy. I log on EVERY day, though, so even if I don't edit, I am still here... just not editing.

My Things[edit]

Games I play[edit]

  • Minecraft (Freezeguy01 on MC)
  • Club Penguin (Patrick Tea on CP)
  • Cookie Clicker
  • Pokemon Showdown (challenge me if you want, my name is CPenstubal)
  • Pokemon Sapphire

Subreddits I Visit[edit]

  • r/polandball
  • r/stateball
  • r/europe
  • r/worldnews

IRC Nicks[edit]

  • Penstubal
  • TheFreezeman
  • MrWhopper