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Hi there! I am the owner of PPD mall! to go there, click this! Or, if u want to check my inventory, click this! Or, if you want, you can go to my private cafeteria rrrrrrrrrright here. Please note I am not overly active, so may take time to respond and take your order. SEE MY GARAGE!

About PPD Mall[edit]

So, you're wandering about PPD Mall, eh? PPD Mall specializes in CP items. Once a month, up to 3 colour-customized items will appear for special occasions.

ABOUT PPD MALL - What if I don't have enough WB$?[edit]

Don't worry about that. I will have a Free Items selection for free items. I will deliver those as soon as I see them.

ABOUT PPD MALL - Can I rent a section?[edit]

Not at the moment, but if the mall gets BIG, then yes- you may be able to.

ABOUT PPD MALL - What are the opening times?[edit]

UK times - 2 o' clock at MIDNIGHTTTTTT "mwahahahaha" and sometimes at the morning.US times - somewhere in the afternoon and sometimes at 1 o' clock in the morning "mwahahahaha". Sadly, on the 6th I will be inactive until the 16th or 18th. Each order taken place while my inactivity will be free.

ABOUT PPD MALL - Is everything too expensive for me?[edit]

Not everything, but the tees are one of my best-priced section with high-quality tees. (I will soon have a bargain section with things that don't sell often.)

So, now you know a lot about PPD mall, what do you think you should do next?[edit]

Either go shopping at PPD Mall or shop at Yoshi Egg Center. Have fun! Penguinpuffdude, the cool peng! (talk) (talk)

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