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Brookelas Mall Newspaper Issue 3![edit]

Brookelas Mall Times come out every Saturday! This newspaper will talk mostly about the Brookelas Mall!


Brarvel City? Aunt Arctic Reports!
Aunt Arctic came in for an interview today! She told us a lot of details about this BRARVEL City everyone is hearing about.
*Aunt Arctic: I have no idea what the heck a Brarvel is, but it seems interesting. I just hope these Brarvel creatures won't defeat us. I mean, Sensei said he saw signs of something at the Party Bash last month! He also said we need element masters. But for now, I guess you should help out with the construction! Who knows what is could be?
Yes! Aunt Arctic said it great! Go check out the construction outside Brookelas Mall today!

Master the Elements! Ninja Party is almost over!
Hello Grasshoppers! The Ninja Party is closing up very soon! Sensei came in today for a chat about the elements.
Sensei: I have been working very hard on trying to figure out what will happen! I know something might! Possibly with these Brarvel creatures? Who knows! But, I would like to ask ninjas to master the elements RIGHT AWAY IF YOU haven't already! But, be sure to master the elements! The Ninja Party ends June 11! And check the mall June 12, just in case...

2 New Stage Plays out Sunday!
The Brookelas Mall Times is proud to announce that the Brookelas Mall Stage is having June plays coming Sunday!
Director Penguin: Even though we all love vikings and opera, the Haunting Of Viking Opera 2 is packing up to make room for new plays!
Actor: Yes! I heard Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal are back to fight a NEW monster! Some new Green Ninja Monster dude. Fnd out what happens in the play Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal: Green Ninja!
Another Actor: And that's not all! Find out what happens when 2 BRAND NEW Superheroes make their way to the stage to save the underground penguins from the Dragonbot. Find out what happens in The Lava Pathway!
Audience Member: Haunting of Viking Opera 2 was great! But now, it is the heroes turn to shine!
Check the stage on Sunday for 2 action-packed plays!

New Puffle Items Out Now!
Puffle Toys and Food are here now! Many puffles are loving it a lot!
Puffle Fan: You better come to the Puffle Shop! Your Puffles will love this stuff!
So, that's that! Check out the Puffle Shop today for toys and food! And visit on June 18th for Furniture and Hats!

Secret of the Week!
Destruction could be held in Brookelas Mall! All element masters are asked to visit the mall June 12!

Ask Sensei!
Lollipop 386 asked: How old are you?
Sensei: I am over 300 years old!

Welcome00 asked: Do you speak Japenese
Sensei: Ahh! Good question! No. I used to be able to though, and I can say greetings and up to 10! But that's it!

June 8th Auction Winners!
JUNE 8TH! YAY! Zee weiners are...
Lollipop 386 winning a shield and the ninja items!
Chill57181 winning a shield!
Welcome00 and Yuri 100212 TIED and each won a shield!

-- Brookelas Mastered the EL EM ENTS! 23:20, 12 June 2012 (UTC)


Here's your T-Shirt!


 Star Kirby12  Talk  Contribs  Mall  13:21, 02/20/2020  03:21, 14 June 2012 (UTC)

Brookelas Mall Times Issue 4[edit]

Brookelas Mall Times come out every Saturday! This newspaper will talk mostly about the Brookelas Mall!


Sensei Needs Help with Elements!
If you have noticed recently, the mall has been taken over by some mysterious shadows! It is unknown what they are, and they have been confirmed INVINCABLE!
Sensei: Even I, element master, can't defeat that shadow! We need grasshoppers! And fast!
Foolish agent Rookie tried the battle as well
Rookie: I was searching in the wilderness for grasshoppers, Sensei! Those tiny hopping thingies couldn't defeat it!
The destruction is on now! Hopefully a hero comes along. If they don't, Brookelas Mall MIGHT have to shut down! So check the mall! ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!

Aunt Arctic Speaks: Superhero Party?
Aunt Arctic kept looking into the construction this week, and she waddled into the forbidden area. It looks like there will be a SUPERHERO PARTY headed to the mall starting June 20th!
Aunt Arctic: I saw a poster. It read: COSTUMES! CITY! MISSIONS! TRANSFORMATIONS! DEFEAT THE VILLAIN QUEST! MORE! We don't know what this means, but it looks as if this Superhero Party will be the biggest party yet! I will be waddling around, and I heard something about another person waddling on IRC at this party...
SUIT UP! The Superhero Party runs from June 20th - June 30th! And stay tuned next week for a special edition of the Brookelas Mall Times!

Puffle Playzone for Superhero Party?
Puffles have been acting strange lately. We interviewed Agent PH for the reasoning behind this.
PH: G'day readers! Well, the answer to this mystery is pretty dern obvious. With this superhero and supervillan craze lately, they have most likely sensed something 'emselves! Who knows? However, if I am correct, they are goin' to open Playzone up for the Superhero Party! Maybe they are bein' attacked as well? Who knows! Just keep an eye on 'em 'K? Anyways, signin' out!
Thanks PH! So, look out for the Puffles! You might have yet another quest to complete soon!

Stage is Under Construction 'til July!
That's right! While setting up the Stage for June plays, the stage got destroyed in the destruction! However, it will be all repaired for July, so don't worry! Starting July: NEW PLAYS! :D

Secret of the Week!
Did you know that the Superhero Party starts June 20th? Check out Playzone for the biggest surprise ever!

Ask Sensei!
Starkirby12 asked: What do you do when you have spare time?
Sensei: I look for signs of elements! Stay tuned for more soon!

Broseph16 asked: What inspired the name Card-Jitsu?
Sensei: Ahhhh! Good question! I was practicing my Judo and Ju-Jitsu, when I found some mysterious cards laying on the ground. They pointed me to the elements, therefore, I came up with Card-Jitsu!

-- Brookelas Mastered the EL EM ENTS! 00:31, 17 June 2012 (UTC)

You're Invited![edit]

Hey! Your invited to my Super Hero Party! More info avalible here; GGD's Mall/Parties. Hope to see you there! Gary the Gaget Dude Leave a message after the beep. BEEP. 15:59, 17 June 2012 (UTC)