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Here is just a bunch of boring stuff for Lollipop.


In chronological order:

Lollipop Mall[edit]


  • {{LMOrder}} — Delivering orders to talk pages
  • {{LMFamous}} — Meeting a mascot on IRC
  • {{LMSpin}} — Spin wheel orders
  • {{LMRandom}} — Random box orders
  • {{LMAuction}} — Auction orders
  • {{LMGift}} — Gifts from users


  • {{LM ad}}An advertisement for the mall
  • {{LMTracker}}Tracker for mascots on IRC
  • {{LMTour}}For mall tours
  • {{LollipopNews}}For mall news
  • {{LMShops}}The template for each LM floor
  • {{LM}}Top of each page
  • {{LMback}}Back button for the mall
  • {{LMCharacters}}Mall mascot page
  • {{LMtime}}For the time machine
  • {{LMclosed}}For closed shops
  • {{LMBlog}}Template for blog posts
  • {{LMSection}}Cool text box
  • {{LolliShop}}Mini-stores
  • {{LMPrice}}Price of an item in WB$ and L$

Not yet created[edit]

  • LMTemplates — Combine LM ad, LMTracker, LollipopNews, (and free items, poll, pins, which don't have templates)
  • LMItems — Combine LMOrder, LMFamous, LMSpin, LMRandom, LMAuction, and LMGift
  • LMStore — For each month's items in each shop
  • LMNotice — Combine LMclosed, closed temporarily, and in construction
  • also combine LM and LMback

Lollipop Land[edit]

  • {{LLHotel}} — Lollipop Land hotel rooms
  • {{LLHBack}} — The back button at Lollipop Land hotel
  • {{LLback}} — Back button for Lollipop Land