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Self dps2.png
Self-drawn pic of Dps04
Penguin's Name Dps04
Favorites Sailor Hat, Red and Black Sailor Shirt
Member? NO! :(
First Pin Rowboat Pin
Famous Penguins Met All except Sensei, PH and Herbert
Date Joined Wiki 14 April 2012 (CPS)

3 March 2012
2 January 2012
(CP Wikia)
21 September 2009 (Wikipedia)

Date Joined Club Penguin 31 January 2008

YES (CP Wikia)
Rollback & Reviewer (Wikipedia)

Mall(s) Typhoon Mall

Hiya, My name is Dps04! Thank you for visiting my userpage!

About Me

Here, you will know more about Dps04 in Club Penguin, CPW, CPS and Real Life!

Club Penguin

My Penguin, Dps04, joined Club Penguin on January 31, 2008. His first party on CP was Save the Migrator Project / Submarine Party 2008. In fact, The Submarine Party 2008 is where I got my favourite Yellow Snorkels! He semi-quitted cp from 2009 to early 2011, and he became active again starting from mid-2011 until today :)

Club Penguin Wikia

Club Penguin Wikia is the first wiki I contribute to. I contributed there in 2011, anoymously. In January 2, 2012, I officially created an account and joined there. I am still pretty active there up till today.

Club Penguin Shops

How did I start playing CPS, you ask? A friend of mine, Rockhopperfan (or Happy65 in CP Wikia) told me this place in around March 2012, and I registered an account here in April 14 2012. I founded Moon Island and Moon Island City in May 1 2012 and I founded Typhoon Mall on October 4 2012.

In real Life

A bit about me in Real Life:

  • I am male.
  • I speak Chinese besides English :P
  • I was born in Hong Kong, during the last moments of it being a British Colony. Now you have a rough idea of my age :P

Important Dates

  • I joined Club Penguin on January 31, 2008.
  • I joined Club Penguin Wikia on January 2, 2012.
  • I joined Club Penguin Wiki Info on January 16, 2012.
  • I joined Club Penguin Shops Wiki (now Club Penguin Shops) on April 14, 2012.

My job:

Area Position
Moon Island City Founder
Dancing Penguin City Founder and Mayor
Typhoon Mall Owner
Goldcorp_Inc. Member
Wolfgang Mall Staffer

Contact Me

You can contact me via:

Random Photo