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Shining Bright Like A Diamond
Penguin's Name (username in club penguin) Celena3
Favorites Technology and English Literature
Member? No, and CP closed down.
First Pin Err, Rockhopper's Pin?
Famous Penguins Met Megg,Deamama
Date Joined Wiki May 28th, 2017
Date Joined Club Penguin 2015 something (April?)
Admin? NO NO NO
Mall(s) Diamond Shopping Center


Hello! My name is DJDiamond. Welcome to my user page! I started Shops in around May 2017, and has been active ever since! I normally come on weekends in my spare time, so that is the best time to contact me. Shops has taught me so much, especially in Wiki-code! Everyone on here is so friendly, and the admin are really helpful! I love helping others out, so if you have any questions about shops, feel free to leave a message on my talk page! (Though I confess I know nearly nothing compared to everyone else on this wiki :P) If you are a non-registered user of the internet randomly reading this, why not join Shops? We are a open and friendly little community hosting virtual businesses made out of Wiki-code. It's easy to start and register, so why not do that now? (You can continue reading my AMAZING user page later!)

I joined Club Penguin in what... 2015? Yeah, I was a pretty new user. I never got to experience member ship :(, but I was a MASSIVE Club Penguin fan! I joined Shops, Fanon and even the Club Penguin Fandom Wiki! In December 2016 I found a CPPS called Freepenguin, and I started getting overjoyed about the fact that I got membership, for free! I started going on Club Penguin less and less, as I played Freepenguin more and more. One main thing I did on Freepenguin was build up my wardrobe. My collection of clothing, to this day, IS HUGE. I got so tired of navigating through my closet I decided to save outfits instead. Lazy, right? Anyways, as soon as I heard Club Penguin was shutting down, I went back. I furiously played Club Penguin for I knew it would soon be gone. On the last day (a few hours before it shut down) I bought as much stuff from the catalog as I could, since Club Penguin has give everyone free membership. I'm really really really sad that Club Penguin is gone, but I still play Freepenguin to this day. it's a relief Club Penguin isn't COMPLETELY dead.

I live in the UK, so I follow the Greenwich Mean Time Zone (Same as Universal Time). When it's your evening, it might be my midnight! Also, I LOVE DIAMONDS. I ADORE THEM. Yes, but not just diamonds, BLUE diamonds. I know that's a Steven Universe character but I haven't got to that episode yet D:, I'm talking about the gemstone. In general, I just love gemstones. Oh wait, any my favourite colour is cyan. Unusual colour, but I love it. Don't tell me spelled favourite and colour wrong, it's just the English version. Check out my all the stuff that I own on Shops, here!)

My achievements[edit]

I'm really proud of these awards. Shows how far I've come since I came to Shops

100 DJDiamond has made over 100 edits on the Club Penguin Shops Wiki.

200 DJDiamond has made over 200 edits on the Club Penguin Shops Wiki.

300 DJDiamond has made over 300 edits on the Club Penguin Shops Wiki.

400 DJDiamond has made over 400 edits on the Club Penguin Shops Wiki.

500 DJDiamond has made over 500 edits on the Club Penguin Shops Wiki.

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