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If you have questions or need help with anything, feel free to ask me on my talk page! ~CK

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About Me[edit]

Hi everyone! I'm Cp kid, an administrator and bureaucrat here on Shops. Here's some facts and history about me so that hopefully you can learn a bit about me :P

Contact Me[edit]

The best way to reach me is to send me a message via my shops talk page or Fanon talk page. There are other ways to get a hold of me, but I rarely ever use those so I won't mention them here.

Another way you can talk to me is through our IRC Channel. If i'm on IRC at the time (I'm on almost every day), I can usually be found on the #clubpenguinwiki, #clubpenguinwiki-shops and #clubpenguinfanon channels. My time zone is EST (-5 GMT), and I'm usually on sometime at night (5-10 PM). However I do come on in the afternoon sometimes as well (but it's not as common).


  • I prefer to be called CK or Penquino over Cp kid.
  • Penquino1 is the name of my penguin on CP. You can send me friend requests if you'd like, but I don't go on CP too often anymore so it may be some time until I accept it :P
  • I joined the Club Penguin Wiki on August 3rd, 2010, when it was still located on Wikia.

History on Shops[edit]

I first visited Shops in March 2011 after Chill advertised it on the CPW, since it was being moved from wikia to the Club Penguin Wiki Network. However, I left shortly after due to Ben and some actions he committed which I felt were wrong.

I later re-joined sometime in June or July 2011, due to Ben being inactive. I was really enjoying things, between the events (Pink Day and Wacky Party) and the community, it was pretty cool. I even founded the CK Mall on July 26, 2011. However, after Brook (an admin at the time) was demoted then-staffer LordMaster96 promoted me to administrator to replace him. I served as an administrator (and b-crat from September 2011) until early 2012, when an issue with Broseph16 and the other administrators caused me to retire from shops. Ironically, Brookelas (another admin at the time, and the main person I had been arguing with) was the person to replace me as bureaucrat.

I don't remember when I re-joined shops, it was sometime in mid-2012. I was getting involved in the now-bustling community, and in August I was re-promoted to administrator. Unfortunately, only 2 short weeks later Brookelas rallied the users around a false truth, got me demoted and replaced me as administrator, all because he wasn't promoted in the original vote. So, once again I quit shops out of anger and frustration. For how long? Who knows. And, once again, Brookelas replaced me.

Sometime around mid-2013 I re-opened my prize possession, the CK Mall, now even smaller than it was before, and hoped for the best. In July, I was once again promoted to administrator along with another former administrator, Mario Rk, however he didn't edit at all and resigned a few months later. Unfortunately, in November realized that I just couldn't manage the CK Mall anymore unless I re-constructed it into a much smaller layout, like these one-page malls that had been popping up frequently in the past few months. However, I wouldn't do that because I don't believe that's what the CK Mall is, if I had done that I would've gotten rid of everything I had created in the first place. So, I officially closed the CK Mall in late November 2013, and on December 1st a new mall was opened, named the Eggnog Emporium.

While I was away on vacation for the weekend a few days after the Emporium's opening, apparently Brookelas (of all people) opened a vote to promote me to bureaucrat! At this point in time, Shops had no bureaucrats and only two administrators, so if the vote was a success I certainly wasn't going to deny it. The vote passed, and I was a b-crat until mid-2015. Soon after, I learned one of the greatest life lessons so far here- Being a leader is a tough job. I try to do my best and do the right thing- work with what everyone wants, as well as my own opinions and beliefs, but unfortunately you can't please everyone.

In 2015 I distanced myself from Shops. On my birthday (May 15), I resigned as an administrator, and on August 3rd, resigned my B-crat rights. After that, I became inactive and rarely returned other than to check the Recent Changes until late February 2016. Now, I'm here, on a minor scale, trying to help finish the Clean Up Shops project, and to help wake Shops from its slumber.

My Stuff[edit]


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MEMBERHAT.png CK is a Penstubal Club member in The Pens-T-Ubal Mall!

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Random Facts[edit]



It turns out that, after reading my letter of resignation earlier this year, a number of you wish for my final resignation. I can't say I blame you either... it's past the dates I designated for myself, July 26th and July 29th... it is now August 3rd, 2015. Beyond that, I have also been somewhat inactive since I made that notice.

Unfortunately, I'm not the only one who's been inactive since I wrote that letter at the end of April. It seems that the entire surge of users we had have disappeared, or have become inactive. With that in mind, I'd suggest the RfA isn't opened looking for my replacement for a long while, until the community needs another admin (but that's up to Chill). I'm not trying to jump off of a sinking ship, but I think this is the end of the line for me, at least as a leader on Shops. As for the ship (shops), it's not sinking, there's just a lack of sailors, and I know that once more sailors come we'll be sailing again, with a steady and stable captain, and I'll be watching from land.

I will still be on IRC, and on Fanon. Also, I will have some rights to help protect the site if needed, but I don't plan on ever getting administrator or bureaucrat rights again. You might be curious... why resign today, of all days? It's August 3rd... my fifth wikiversary (I joined the CPW five years ago). I've been a part of the CPWN... of this community for five years. While I'm truly amazed, it also helped me realize that I have nothing left to offer shops. And, while it hurts me to see Shops in such a rut, I believe that one day it will rise again. Thanks for understanding. CK 19:38, 3 August 2015 (UTC)