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Hey guys! Welcome back to A User In Review. Last week, I reviewed Kari. This week, I'm going to review Yuri102212, suggested by Mariocrossing1!


Yuri is pretty friendly to me. But he gets in fights easily... (ex. MC1's Mall Improvement project, and discussion about Cylly's real CPSW: The Game)

  • Rating: Rate4Stars.png


The Diamond Mall is okay. However, the items are pretty bad and the navigation is really wacky. I'll take a quote from when Cylly reviewed it.

It's really not diamond quality.
— MC1

Couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Rating: Rate3Stars.png

Block History[edit]

Yuri got blocked twice in March. The first time was by Brook for "vandalism", because he was editing missions that were not his own. The second was by Bro for spam, with his very infamous spammy April Fools signature that only had links to Special:Random.

  • Rating: Rate4Stars.png


Despite his not-so-good mall, he's a cool guy. He's also pretty funny too.

  • Rating: Rate4Stars.png

Contact Me![edit]

Leave your review on Yuri in the comments - or suggest who you want to be reviewed next week! And remember, if the user you suggested in the last entry was the one in the entry afterwards, don't make another suggestion. Until next time, keep on shopping!

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