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Hey guys! Welcome back to A User In Review. Last week, I reviewed Cp kid. This week, I'm going to review Lollipop 386, suggested by Mariocrossing1!


I don't really know much about Lollipop, but he seems really friendly to other users.

  • Rating: Rate5Stars.png


Lollipop Mall is okay, but it has strange and non-transparent items. I don't really shop there too often.

  • Rating: Rate2Stars.png

Block History[edit]

Lollipop doesn't need to start over with a clean slate. Because he already has one.

  • Rating: Rate5Stars.png


Lollipop, despite his not-so-good mall, is a very, very nice person. He also seems fun to talk to.

  • Rating: Rate4Stars.png

Contact Me![edit]

Leave your review on Lollipop in the comments - or suggest who you want to be reviewed next week! And remember, if the user you suggested in the last entry was the one in the entry afterwards, don't make another suggestion. Until next time, keep on shopping!

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