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Hey guys! Welcome back to A User In Review. Last week, I reviewed PenblooeR. This week, I'm going to review Lm34gt45, suggested by Mariocrossing1 (again?)!


LMGT is an awesome dood. He's funny, friendly, and downright epic. 'Nuff said.

  • Rating: Rate5Stars.png


LMGT's Mall is pretty good, although the mediocre quality and awkward navigation give this a 4.

  • Rating: Rate4Stars.png

Block History[edit]

LMGT was never blocked, but that's because HE'S SO EPIC HE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE BLOCKED!!!!!!!!! REMEMBER IT!!!!!

  • Rating: Rate5Stars.png


He's the craziest, coolest, funniest, friendliest, epicest, donut eater who plays Club Penguin you'll ever meet.

  • Rating: Rate5Stars.png

Contact Me![edit]

Leave your review on LMGT in the comments - or suggest who you want to be reviewed next week! Until next time, keep on shopping!

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