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Hey guys! Welcome back to A User In Review. Last week, I reviewed Cp kid. This week, I'm going to review Djf1107, suggested by Star kirby12 and Welcome00!


Djf is pretty nice and he means well, but he's REALLY annoying and asks too many questions. Sorry Djf!

  • Rating: Rate4Stars.png


He doesn't have a mall :/ But I guess I could review the old Chain Mall. It was pretty bad, considering that no items in the mall were made by Djf himself. The free items were created by Cp kid, and the stores were all mini-stores that you can see in different malls, like Yes! or Puff. Electronics.

  • Rating: Rate1Star.png

Block History[edit]

He got blocked by Bro for 1 month, but Shark shortened it to 3 days, and I extended it to 1 week, and then Cylly unblocked him, and everyone learned their lesson.

  • Rating: Rate4Stars.png


Djf is sort of annoying, and not very good at malls, but I think he's a cool user.

  • Rating: Rate3Stars.png

Contact Me![edit]

Leave your review on Djf in the comments - or suggest who you want to be reviewed next week! Until next time, keep on shopping!

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