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Hey guys, Chill here, a day later. Sooooo I was thinking... maybe I could try Not So EPF Classic again, what with all the recent backlash against the new Not So EPF, so I'm gonna try it alongside the new series in parallel dimensions. :P

But yeah, it's gonna explain Princess Brook and all that, and the real Brook, but I can't say anything about that 'cuz it would spoil the story!

What I plan on doing is, first of all finishing Johnny's Mansion, and the two Paper Chill stories, and then make a new "classic" story, and if those are well received, then I'll do more. :)

Update: CK wants to reopen the Not So EPF Wiki, so I want to know if you'd edit it. It would contain information on the new and classic series as well.

If the (Not So) Elite Penguin Force Wiki reopened, would you view and/or edit it?
Please vote below.
There were 17 votes since the poll was created on 19:04, 17 March 2013.
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So what do you guys think of this new development? Comment please! Template:Wl-publish: 2013-03-17 00:38:06 +0000