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Asemhar has decided to not visit this wiki as much as they used to. If you are looking for help, please contact an administrator.
Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!
School is over! WOOHOO!
The Ultimate Swag. The Puffle is a nice touch, right?
Penguin's Name Asemhar
Favorites Cars (real cars), Music,
Member? Used to (December 2012)
First Pin
Famous Penguins Met
Date Joined Wiki CP Wiki: February 2013
Fanon Wiki: March 25 2013
Shops Wiki: June 3 2013
Date Joined Club Penguin 2010
Admin? No
Mall(s) Supercity

My friends[edit]

Almost all the users are my friends. This is a list of people I friends with more. Friends in bold are my best friend. Friends in italics have quit (though they may be still in the IRC).

  • Angryjack
  • Atum
  • Brookelas
  • Chill57181
  • Cp Kid
  • Dps04
  • Lego Here
  • Penstubal
  • Pikalugia
  • Snowstormer (My mentor)
  • TheBroMaster
  • Yoshi11


People in bold are my arch-nemesis. People in italics have quit.

No one :)

On the Fanon Wiki[edit]

  • TheBroMaster
  • Swiss Ninja
  • Penstubal
  • Ninjinian

Enemies on the Fanon Wiki[edit]

My alter ego[edit]


Alfredo is an aggressive penguin.

Stuff About Me[edit]

Question Answer
Where do you live? BC, Canada.
What is your time zone? PST (UTC -8). There are Daylight Savings Time (Which is PDT).
When did you join this wiki? June 3 2013. I been on CP since 2010, on the Club Penguin Wiki (CPW) since February 2013 and the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki (CPFW) since March 2013.
What is your IRC nick? Asemhar, Alfredo , DrSwagDogg, SwagDogg, SwagHound
How old are you? Somewhere between 12 to 15
What do you use for drawing? Paint.NET
Do you have a Youtube account? Yes, but I can't figure out how to change the name. I watch GTA 4 LCPDFR videos and music videos.
Do you play any other games? Yes.
What video game consoles do you own? I own 2 XBOX 360s (one is broken),a PSP and a Nintendo DS XL (my brother broke it)
Do you have a Twitter account? Yes
I notice you like cars. What is your favorite car? Chevrolet Corvette
I notice you like music. Who is your favorite rapper? Eminem
What Apple Product do you have? iPod Touch 4th Gen

Inactivity reasons[edit]

  • Time- My time zone is PST (UTC -8) (also PDT during March to November which is UTC -7), so some you guys are 8 hours ahead of me, depending what time zone you guys are in.
  • Fanon wiki- I also write on the fanon wiki, so I can't be fully be active here.
  • Service Problems- Sometimes I have internet problems on my phone, which cause me to not be able to edit a this wiki (Cloudflare, I'm talking about you!)
  • iPod Touch Wi-Fi disconnection- Okay, I got an iPod Touch (4th Generation) for my birthday. And I need to connect to Wi-Fi networks. So I might not know the password of the network which means I can't use Safari and no Apple Safari = No Shops Wiki Accessibility.
  • iPods are fun- iPods are really fun to use, which makes me less active because of me using my apps. I got a lot of fun free apps to use.




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