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Hi there. Feel free to message me if you need something
Nothing is coming soon, this has been like this since 2014 and will never change

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Hey there, I'm Agent. I joined CP in 2013 and joined the CPWN in October of 2013. Feel free to message me if you need anything.

My History[edit]

Back in 2010, I was surfing the interwebs and found Club Penguin, I didn't have a PC but it looks fun so I bought the DSi Game "Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herberts Revenge. After a while, while surfing le interwebs again, I found the Club Penguin Fanon, more specifically, Director Benny. I took fanon for canon and thought CP had a weird plot and I sorta liked it. Didn't really do much after tho

In 2013 I got a PC and joined CP, I was really interested in it and liked it. I remembered the CPF and read some articles. I started to superimpose myself on everything, starting with Operation: Blackout thinking I could change it freely. I was very belligerent (and young) and goofed up badly so many times. I finally got the banhammer after Wonderweez became admin and remembered I told them (in secrecy but oh well) that I was underage, they remembered and banhammered me. Life was hard but at least the Shops existed so I fled here.

I came here after I was banned from Fanon. I made Shops Mall but that was a failure because I had 0 knowledge even for MS Paint (and especially less for PAINT.NET which I heard everyone used). I made Branton Mall which flopped and then Virtual Mall which flopped too. I'm a horrible salesman but oh well, look at me here with 3,000 Edits. So that's my life


100 Agent Isai has made over 100 edits on the Club Penguin Shops Wiki.

200 Agent Isai has made over 200 edits on the Club Penguin Shops Wiki.

1000 Agent Isai has made over 1000 edits on the Club Penguin Shops Wiki.

2000 Agent Isai has made over 2000 edits! Good for them.

597 This user has made 597 edits on this Wiki.

Friendship Tree[edit]

The Friendship Tree is a level of where you are in my Trust Level!

  • Level 100 - No one; I CAN TELL YOU EVERYTHING!!! You can see the Pic of me (WHAT!?!!?)Can hear other names of people I know! Yeahs
  • Level 99 - Aquamarina14; I can trust you With NEARLY EVRYTHING!!! Like my Middle Name, My Address, Pics of my home!?!?! And other Private Info! But not pics of me and other names.
  • Level 2 -DAve33333, HatPop meaning I can trust you with stuff like ideas, Level 1 Secrets
  • Level 1 - Miron, Penstubal, Sharkbate and everyone except Dave; I cant really trust you but I can trust you with Secrets
  • Level 0 - ChanServ; I'm not gonna trust you with anything
  • Level -1 -Sharkbate; ...

Level Secret[edit]

Level 1- I can trust you with minor Secrets


This should've never been a thing