The Quackworks

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The Quackworks is open. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it isn´t closing yet.

The Quackworks

The Quackworks is a company that owns a lot of shops and other things.

List of things that are owned by The Quackworks[edit]


  • Status: Open.

Quackermall is a mall located in Q City.

Quackerpingu Mall[edit]

  • Status: Closed.

Quackerpingu Mall was a mall located in Q City.


  • Status: Closed.

Quackmall was a mall located in Q City.

Q Mall[edit]

  • Status: Closed.

Q Mall was a mall located in Q City.

Quackermall Mini-Store[edit]

The Quackermall Mini-Store was a store selling stuff that is also sold in Quackermall. It was located in Elfarcher awesome mall. It has been replaced with a QuackShop.

Estonian Shop[edit]

  • Status: Open.

The Estonian Shop is a shop selling stuff related to Estonia. It is located in Gdanham.


  • Status: Closed.

NO. was...I don't even know what it was.

The Quackerpingu Times[edit]

The Quackerpingu Times is a newspaper.

Chum Bucket[edit]

  • Status: Open.

Chum Bucket is a chain of restaurants.

Mega Bucket[edit]

  • Status: Closed.

Mega Bucket was a restaurant similar to the Chum Buckets.

Cheap Store[edit]

  • Status: Open.

Cheap Store is a chain of supermarkets that sell cheap stuff.


  • Status: Open.

QuackShop is a chain of shops that sell all kinds of stuff.


  • Status: Open.

SPAM is a chain of supermarkets.

Quack Cars[edit]

  • Status: Open.

Quack Cars is a chain of shops that sell cars.

Other The Quackworks things[edit]