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Welcome to the Mare Mall, here yo can easily acess the Mare Inc. shops and buy anything on them. Please notice we have jobs open. > (Since there isn't a page, you can sign up the jobs here, just go to my talk page (Prepositions' Talk Page)

About Us

We are a special Incorporation that works on the client's benefits. Since we are still new, there arent so many shops avaliable, but we love you feeling confortable at our shops. It's good to say too that if you aren't confortable, feeling uneasy or unwelcome at one of our shops with something or somebody, you shouldn't hesitate to talk us, we will
The logo of Mare Inc.
surely contact an admin of Club Penguin Shops.

Now, talking about our logo. As you know, it is a white mare. A mare is an adult female horse, but known as vitality and prosperty. It means, the Mare Inc. won't be destroyed so easily as you ct a paper, we will remain strong! And since we'll remain strong, we will continue getting you our products. That is our slogan: "Being with you. Always."

Welcome to the Mare Mall, that is a collection of all our shops in just one building. Here you can easily, easily, easily navigate by our shops and even know more about our incorporation.


Here you are. A delicious plate of shops for you to choose with acessible prices.

Glacier Suit, selling now on Prepositions' Clothes Store

Looking for clothes? Here is the best place for you to wear yourself just in the time! Sales and discounts just for you here!

McKenzie's Beach Outfit, an item selling now on Prepositions' Clothes Store

Looking for some snack after a long working day? Haha, don't worry! We have the right thing for you, a big slice of pzza! Tasty, wet and with pepperoni, tomatoes and everytthing that you lke. Come here and eat! Acessible prices and fast deliver.

Come to eat a pizza!

I know, your house is a little bit empty, nothing on your igloo, just the same, good-old ice bricks. I know you need something more on your life! Yes, you need furnitute! You can find so much furnies here, and bring them to your house. Since sofas until trees, here we have a big variety of everything you want.

Delivered every sunday, the Mare Newspaper wrote by Aunt Io brings the best news ever of what happens on our shopps community. It's important to read, it trains your mind, and when reading Mare Newspaper, it keeps you informed!


Classes Start

Ready to put your head over a book and turn the night studying? Ok! This party is for you!


Remember to remove everything on the box before typing.

Phone Numbers

Prepositions' Clothes Store - 3273 2939

Les Pingouins Pizza Parlor Delivery - 3273 4273