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Administrator name Signature Activity level IRC nick(s) Time zone Bureaucrat?
United States of America Chill57181 (T C DC) Chill57181 Talk Contribs Partially Active Chill57181 UTC -6 (Central Standard Time) Yes


  • Lime - Fully Active - These users are always active and monitering the wiki. They are the best to message in an emergency!
  • Orange - Almost Fully Active - These users try to be active as much as they can, and are on 2 - 3 times a week. They are really smart, so ask them questions, just not in an emergency!
  • Yellow - Partially Active - These users are somewhat active, but are not on as much. These users are also smart, so message them for questions, but not in an emergency!
  • Red - Inactive - These users are inactive and will most likely be up for demotion soon. Do not message these guys. Remember: One edit a month will not keep you out of this zone. Being active on IRC isn't either.
  • Aqua - Away - These users are away, so please temporarily excuse their absense. Do not message them though.
  • Pink - Trial - These users are new admins who are testing to be a fully trained admin. They are not as knowledgeable as other admins.
  • Gray - Up for demotion - These users are up for demotion and will be demoted soon if a vote passes.