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The PPD Mall's official chat page! Owner- Penguinpuffdude, the cool peng! (talk) (talk)

Chat below the safety line. Thank you![edit]


Hi there, my name is Penguinpuffdude, and I own this shop. Any questions and special orders, ask me on my own talk page Penguinpuffdude, the cool peng! (talk) (talk) Thank you for visiting my mall. PS u are under the safety line now.

"NOTICE- I will be inactive on the 6th to the 16th, 17, or 19th."[edit]

Now, it's 26th and you are still inactive. --Quackerpingu Quackerpingu (talk). Quackermall NO. Chum Bucket The Quackworks Quackerpingu 16:10, 26 September 2016 (UTC)