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Take or Don't Take!

Welcome to Take or Don't Take, based on the worldwide popular TV-show, Deal or No Deal!

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Basic Overview[edit]

In this game, we have 18 different cases, all containing different amounts of WB$, the main prize is 2500 WB$, while the least you can get is 0.01 WB$.

What can I win?[edit]

The amounts go as follows: 0.01 WB$
0.10 WB$
0.50 WB$
1 WB$
2 WB$
5 WB$
10 WB$
15 WB$
20 WB$
30 WB$
40 WB$
50 WB$
100 WB$
250 WB$
500 WB$
750 WB$
1000 WB$
2500 WB$

Now, of course, our banker provides you with different amounts of money, and tries to buy your case. That's where you can choose whether you take or don't take. Your case could contain 2500 WB$, while you might only win 500. Of course, you never know whether you should take the amount the banker provides you or not.

How do I play?[edit]

You will have to sign up on the page. Games happen on the IRC channel #TakeOrDontTake whenever the host and the participant are on. So if you want to play, feel free to check the IRC channel to see if Snowstormer is on. If he is, he'll prepare a game for you in no time (unless he's busy!).