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Welcome to postcards 4 u! Here you can send postcards to your friends for free!


Click on the postcard to send!

Postcard Name Description Filename *
HappyBirthdayPostcard.png Happy Birthday! Postcard Give your friend a happy birthday postcard. You can even attach a special gift to this postcard if you want to! HappyBirthdayPostcard.png
WelcomeToCPSPostcard.png Welcome to Club Penguin Shops! Postcard If you would like to welcome someone to the wiki with more than a welcome template, send them this! You can attach a welcome gift to this postcard if you want to! WelcomeToCPSPostcard.png
ComeCheckOutMyMallPostcard.png Come check out my mall! Postcard You can send this to a friend if you've made a major edit in your mall, and would like them to check it out, or if you just feel like it. You can attach a gift, but it would feel a litte weird with this postcard. ComeCheckOutMyMallPostcard.png