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Welcome to my little coffeehouse! Here, you can sit back, relax yourself and enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea. Even better, you can also savour some homemade gelato for further pleasure..


The foundation of all coffeehouse and cafés, coffee is one of the most aromatic drinks ever known. Here at Slender's café, we serve a small variety of coffee drinks, with each cup specially made by our friendly baristas with their heart.


As an alternative to coffee, we also serve tea as it is one of the best drinks for your body, mind and soul, but at the moment our tea supplies are in the process of being delivered, so there's only a single tea drink available.


Here at Slender's café, instead of milkshakes, we use some creativity, add a bit of special ingredients and freakiness, turning them into Freakshakes!


Why gelato? Because it's cheaper than therapy and a good way to indulge.

Breakfast Menu[edit]

At Slender's Café, we hold the belief that breakfast foodstuff is appropriate no matter what time of the day it is. #Brekkie4Life

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