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Upcoming Events
Puffle's Partay Sneak Peek


Shop Updated
RadykielPenguinnnnnnnnCP.png Party Catalog Opened during the party.
TropicalSpringRugbyShirt.png Event Booth For next event.
Ciemnopurpurowy3.png The Rady'Painter Never.
PinBlackLily.png Pin Every thursday
PizzaSlicePin2013.png Food For You Every month.
BGOnline.png Store of Photos I don't know.
CandylandSports9Jacket.png Sports Every month
LikeAFlowerBalllCap.png Parodies 2013 When I do new.
MintBeretrmrm.png Seasonly Gear March, June, September and December.
PayToBuyRady'mallPartyHat.png Exclusives 2013 I don't know.
FreeRady'mallPartyHat.png Free Items I don't know.
EverywhereAquaWinterVest.png The Winter Every winter theme party.
CandyPinkBomBox.png Ultimate Jam Every cool party (April fools', Pets Party, Music Jam, Fairy Fair and similar)
MyFirstGraduationCapSpring.png Never Updated, Maybe Cancelled Never.
GreenOops-Creamrm.png Superstar Makeup Every superstar party (PPA, Music Jam)
HotPinkDress-and-DaisyCollection.png A Fairy Event Every cool party
WildStrawberryCostumePink.png Temple of Fruit Every summer
TealFreshCar.png Ca-Car Shop Every month
StormHeadband.png Halloween Treehouse Every halloween party and similar
ShowShowShirtpcr.png Storage When I must.
BoardInfoCost.png Unreleased Items Gallery When I do next item.
Closedykiel.png Closed ?
Closedykiel.png Closed ?
Closedykiel.png Closed ?

Good Mall :D