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Welcome to Latest Fashion. Buy amazing clothing is this massive store.

Head Items[edit]

Face Items[edit]

Neck Items[edit]

Body Items[edit]

Hand Items[edit]

Feet Items[edit]

Medieval Items[edit]

On this month: Medieval Gear!
Items Price Info Image
Crimson Lance and Shield 6 WB$ Arm yourself and go defeating the dangerous Dragon! Crimson Lance and Shield icon.png
Thunder Blade 6 WB$ Legendary and neat as well Thunder Blade.png


Psst! This section is at the buttom of the page to keep it a secret! Limited units and deliveries for our stock does not arrive very often.

Items Price Info Image Units left
Speed Boat 5 WB This item is... um... well if you like swimming... err.. what is that anyway??? Speed Boat.png 4
Jet Pack 5 WB Best solution for 16 PM- 21 PM slow traffic problems Jet Pack.png 4
Biediesel Jet Pack 6 WB Pay extra 3 WB in order to have more friendly Jetpack for the environment Jet Pack Biediesel.png 2
Treasure Chest Costume 7 WB You would probably never RICH Rockhopper's island, but hey, you can still enjoy his lost treasure Treasure Chest Costume.png 2