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Penguin: Welcome to the Fallout Shelter. Here you can buy rare elements. Back

Free Items[edit]

Items Price Information Image Units left
Uranium Powder sample Free.png A model of Uranium Powder Uraniun Powder sample.png 11


Items Price Information Image Units left
Geiger counter 4 WB A must have for Pure Uranium collectors Geiger counter.png 9
Night Vision System 2 WB These googles not only allows night vision, but also help detect Radioactive Elements CPDarkVisionGoggles.png 8
Rediation Survivors Inspector's T-Shirt 2 WB Radiation disaster inspectors help people to escape from the danger CPProvideMedicalHelpT-Shirt.png 9
3 Boxes of Pizza 1.5 WB It's just pizza. Even scientists should enjoy life and eat something tasty. 3 Boxes of Pizza.png Homemade
Football 10 WB SOLD OUT CPTech-book3000.png SOLD OUT

Safety Gloves[edit]

While Level 11 is the basic level and Level 1 is the best you can find in the WW2 market. Only from Level 6, gloves can block even X-rays, and from Level 5 it will block Gamma rays as well, but only Levels 1, 2 and 3 can make your hands keep in the regular room temp, without feeling heat.

Gloves Price Safety Level Information Image Units left
Safety Gloves Level 11 1 WB$ 11 Very basic, not practicle for transferring Plutonium, but it blockes 100% of the Alpha particles. Guaranteed! Safety Gloves Level 11.png 22
Safety Gloves Level 6 7 WB$ 6 These were stolen from an unknown species of space bots Safety Gloves Level 6.png 6


Some call it Deuterium dioxide or 2H2O, but you probably know it as "Heavy Water". It uses for storing Nuclear fuel, due to the fact it reacts slower than regular water and prevents over-heating. 98.7% pure. Perfect for your reactor.
Please note that D2O, in very large amount is toxic (well, only if ya drink it). Scientist believes that replacing 50% of the water in your body with D2O is deadly, because the processess in your cells will slow down or stop.

Item Price Information Image Units left
20 ml of D2O 2 WB$ Good for small scale experiments. Made in Canada Heavy Water capsule 20 ml.png 10
5 Liter tank of D2O 5 WB$ Good for running a small scale Reactor Heavy Water 5000 ml capsule.png 2


Uranium 238[edit]

Item Price Safety Instructions Image Units left
Uranium 238 inside a Jar 10 WB This is very rare. We only have one of these aso buy it now! Uranium 238 inside a Jar.png 1
Uranium Ore in a Barrel 20 WB It's just the ore. Make Enriched uranium out of it and it will make Bill Gate a whole in his wallet. Uranium Ore Barrel.png 5
Yellow Cake 20 WB It's not a cake. Don't eat it because it is VERY hot. We decided to light a candle though :D Yellow Cake.png 9


Item Price Safety Instructions Image Units left
Plutonium Barrel 40 WB$ This item was very hard to obtain. We only have 1 so you need to get it quick. Plutonium Barrel.png 1