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Quackermall is open. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it isn´t closing yet.
Welcome to the Quackermall! :)

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Welcome to the Quackermall! :)

<<Shops :)>>

No Image.png Arcade Card-Sumo Logo.png Card-Sumo Chum.jpg Chum Bucket Not so custom cat.png Custom Cats
Quackerpingu.png Everyday Quacking Facility The Cheese 1000.PNG Food Shop Mwahahahahaha.png Furniture Shop Dolphin Diner.png Dolphin Diner
PIY.png P.I.Y. QuackermallLogo.png Dub's Electronic's Shop TCPS10K.png Gary's Failed Inventions Shop BlueAndGreenPropellerCap.png Headed to Head
Iglooo.png IglooShop CPProtobotHelmet.png Item Shop FourColorJetPack.png Jetshop Q-CPT.png Magazines and newspapers shop
McPuffles2.png McPuffles TaMatoranGuard2.png Mutran's Matoran Shop Ninja.png Ninja's Duty Pbox Logo.PNG Pbox
EstonianPuffle.png Pet Shop Blue pie.png pie No image.png ... Black Duck.PNG Quackerpingu Style
NoImage.PNG Requack Shop QStatues.png Statue shop ? .gif Stuff Store NoImage.png Toy shop

<<Mascots :)>>
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Mascots who are currently visiting are either ONLINE!!! or OFFLINE!!!. Mascots who aren't currently visiting are OFFLINE!!!.

Mascots (full list) :)

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