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Quackermall is open. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it isn´t closing yet.
About Quackermall...

Quackermall has once (or more) been the Mall of the Month! Great work!

To vote for this month's Mall of the Month, follow the link!
Welcome to the Quackermall! :)

You can click here to rent a store! :)

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Welcome to Quackermall, the best mall in Club Penguin Shops! (It is the best one because it is the only mall that is still open)

Welcome to Quackermall! :)

<<Shops :)>>

Arcade.png Arcade No image.png ... Card-Sumo Logo.png Card-Sumo CheapLogo1.png Cheap Store
Chum.jpg Chum Bucket Custom Cats.png Custom Cats No image.PNG Everyday Quacking Facility Headed to Head.png Headed to Head
IglooShopQuackermall.png IglooShop Jet header.png Jetshop McPuffles2.png McPuffles Mutran's Matoran Shop.png Mutran's Matoran Shop
Ninja's Duty.png Ninja's Duty Pbox Logo.PNG Pbox Pet Shop.png Pet Shop PieShop.png pie
Quack Cars.png Quack Cars QuackerpinguStyleCover.png Quackerpingu Style QS.png QuackShop Requack Shop.png Requack Shop
RoboShop.png RoboShop Spam-logo.png SPAM QStatues.png Statue shop Stuff Store.png Stuff Store
Toy Shop.png Toy shop Quackermall.png --- Quackermall.png --- Quackermall.png ---

<<Mascots :)>>
Currently visiting:

Mascots who are currently visiting are either ONLINE!!! or OFFLINE!!!. Mascots who aren't currently visiting are OFFLINE!!!.

Mascots (full list) :)

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<<Free items :)>>