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Unfortunately, Puff. Electronics has been closed. You'll be unable to order any items or request services. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Don't worry! A list of open malls can be found here.

Countdown till the Puff. WB$ Drawing!

Worker: Welcome to Puff. Electronics! Here is where you can explore our entire span of electronics!

Storage Room


WB$ "Drawing"[edit]

For the rest of August, 10% of all the WB$ earned at any "Puff." store will be put into a drawing. A "ticket" will be added for every item bought, for every person. For example, if I bought 3 Puff items at any Puff. store, 3 tickets would be added to the drawing for me. On September 1st, CK will pick a random winner, and the WB$ will go them.

THere will be a total of 3 winners. There will also be a total of 3 prizes, which are listed below.

1. WB$ prize money...

2. Free limited edition Zebra PuffPhone!

3. Custom item- the winner of this will tell CK an electroinc item to make(anything and any way they want it), he'll make it and add it to the shop. In addition, you'll get one for free!

This small sales event is happening to make way for the arrival of (censored)! :D

Please note that the more things you buy, the better chance you have at winning!


This is where we keep track of the WB$ prize money. It also has a chart of how many tickets are in the drawing for each person.

P.S.- If 50 tickets are added before the sale ends, then CK will add an extra 30 WB$ of his own money...

P.S. UPDATE!- CK added 30 WB$ for 50 tickets, but he'll add 30 MORE WB$ if we get 75 tickets ;)

P.S. Update UPDATE!- CK added the extra 30 for 75 tickets, and he will add 20 WB$ more for 100 tickets!

P.S.- update update UPDATE- CK Added the 20 WB$. If we get to 350 tickets before the sale ends, he will add another 50 WB$ of his own money.

Also to clarify about the prize money. Even if you use a discount on items(10%, 20%, etc), the 10% towards the prize will still be 10% of what it would cost you without the discount, if that makes sense to you :P

Prize WB$(as of right now): 503.25 WB$

Each person can have a maximum of 100 tickets.

Name # of Tickets entered for them
Everyone who's bought stuff 238
Yuri 44
Cylly 1
Mandog76 12
Djf1107 24
Brook 2
Chill 42
Mario 1
Yoshi 112


If you have any questions or problems, feel free to tell me here or on my talk page. Because here at Puff, we never want an unhappy customer :)


This section here is just for the cashier's benefit. This is where they can look and see what discounts were given to which people.

  • 20% discount: Mandog, Djf
  • 15% discount for people who buy all puff items at the same time:
  • This discount can only be recieved once per month.
  • 15% discount for the heck of it: Yuri
  • 12% discount for the heck of it: Yoshi


Worker: Thanks for visting Puff. Electronics! If this store is too far away, you can always visit one of our closer branches at the following malls.

Please leave Cp kid a message on his personal wiki phone number if you'd like to have a Puff. store located in your mall!