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Prepositions' Clothes Store[edit]

Return to the mall[edit]

Hello! Welcome to my shop. It may seem a little bit messed for right now, but I hope everyone that waddles around here is feeling confortable right now. Here you can buy so much clothes with your own WikiBuck$. We hope to see you here everytime you need something great to wear.

It is great to have you here too, because I have a lot of clearances and items for sale everytime. I sell some souvenirs if you want to remember yourself always of this confortable shop.

Also, if you are hungry and need to eat something after the shopping, go to Les Pingouins Pizza Parlor, they will get something to you!

Good shopping!

Common Colors[edit]

Remember: All the colors are just 5 WB$. They are a little bit expensive because they are made with a base on natural colors, perfeclty removed from the wild.

Never-used-before colors[edit]

I'm still working to bring all the colors for the shop. It needs a long conversation with boring people to add those colors, but, for now, Sensei Gray is avaliable for now.

Fancy Hats[edit]

Here you can find the special item if you don't like hairstiles, don't like using a unconfortable wig, or if you are bald. Just in case, you can use a hat if you want it for your style too...


In the super selection, you can choose whichever you wish (since you have money to pay it!). All the hairstyles are perfectly clean, no way for you to get dirty when using them.


Penguins don't have ears, but it's just to balance the glasses on your bick and style the house.

I'm waiting for the yellow sunglasses!

Scarves, capes, backpacks and more[edit]

Your neck will be happy.

Body Items[edit]

Here you can find the best-selected items on all the Club Penguin Shops. Between the items, I selected just some items for you to go there and be yourself, but a stylish yourself!

Month Items - May[edit]

Note: If you buy both "Threads" (Winter Threads and Summer Threads), they both will cost only 30 WB$ and you will have two items on your account.

Summer Special[edit]

The Summer moved in! Everything with 30% OFF on this section, and then you will find items very very cheaps, like, 1 WikiBucket$ for a Blue Duck!


```I've made the prices lower 3 times. Unfortunately, it took so long to make the discounts, and, however, they are very cheap, so I think it isn't needed to low even more the price. Please, consider buying our summer collection.```

Shazam Shoes[edit]

Warm your feet with those special new brands!


You can gift yourself with a special souvenir of this shop!


Order here![edit]

  • Red Propeller Cap and all the ducks. By the way some of the Body Items, some of the items in the "Scarves, capes, backpacks and more" section and some of the original prices of the Summer Special items are still quite high (normally, most items less than 20 WB$). --Quackerpingu Quackerpingu (talk). Quackermall The Quackworks Quackerpingu 17:08, 2 August 2017 (UTC) Yes check.png Done
    • Your order is on hand! There is a note at the section you made your critics. Please watch it.
  • 10 of all the ducks --Quackerpingu Quackerpingu (talk). Quackermall The Quackworks Quackerpingu 10:34, 3 August 2017 (UTC)Yes check.png Done
    • Well, the mailman that just delivered your package is now on the street. He talks a lot.
  • Green color and Red color ColorDiscrepancy DJDiamond Talk My mall 11:54, 15 August 2017 (UTC)Yes check.png Done
    • Ok! Mission over!
  • Red, Blue and Light Blue. Webhosterguy (CPGames2010) (talk) 06:17, 10 February 2018 (UTC)
  • aqua bikini DJDiamond Headphones.pngDJDiamond Talk My mall Headphones.png 18:16, 15 September 2018 (UTC)

Suggest your item here![edit]

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