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This is the PPD Mall special bank, where you can buy some stuff 50 percent off in the shop PPDC$ shop.

The PPD Mall WB$ System[edit]

OK then, the PPDC$ (standing for PenguinPuffdudecoin$) is only half the price of a normal WB$. For example, if something is 10 WB$, it is 5 PPDC$.

What if I run out of PPDC$ coins?[edit]

No worries! Each time you buy 5 items with PPDC$ coins, you get an exta 250 PPDC$ coins. The extra rises up every time you buy something with PPDC$ coins five times. It doesn't need to be in a row so you don't have to waste too much WB$.



Date Profit/Losses Why Current Balance
September 5, 2016 +500 PPDC$ Joining the Bank Bonus 500 PPDC$

SIGN HERE![edit]

When you sign up, you will get 500 PPDC$ immediately so you can buy some items 50 percent off!


Who would really want to cancel? In case you do, sign here.

Floor Name Description
000 (ground floor) PPD Mall To go out, click here!
000 (ground floor) We R Toys Buy your toys here!
001 CP, Sweat and Tees The collars won't go yellow!
001 Guardians A store full of...guardians?
001 Misc. Buy random stuff in here!
001 Yard Sale Buy some bargains here!
001 Free items FREE ITEMZ!
002 Spin the wheel Round and Round and Round...
002 Cafe Have a nice rest at the nice café.
002 Bank What is the legendary PPDC$?
002 Shoo shop SHOO YOU NAUGHTY PUFFLE! (throws shoe)
003 Pengijitsu Oh, some lovely cards!
003 Airport Abandoned old airport.