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Welcome to the beautiful island-nation of Moon Island!
Moon Island News (Brought to you by MoonNews)

> Prime Minister Penstubal and President SlenderXP are working on reviving Moon Island! Check it out.
> Moon Island has just declared independence from Shops! We will amend our Constitution soon!
> The Moon Island Train Network has been created!

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MoonholmNorholmDancing Penguin SubregionSirpatheHamshireMoonoverWizzintineF.A.R./Freezestonian Autonomous RegionConholmGolden CoastTanthuFederal TerritoryMountMIStatesNoOcean.png
CelestvillePort AquariusDancing Penguin CityQ CityQuaxionSan PenguinoVirtual CityEpic CityMoon Island CitySnowvilleGdanhamNew Peng CitySan AnderrieEpiciaPuffleVilleQuackervilleNew LOL CityNew Quack CityMoonMapIsland.png



Moon Island is a nation that is currently administrated / governed by the Moon Island Council, which is consisted of many government officials, including Penstubal, SlenderXP, Aquamarina14, Quackerpingu. The head of state is the President (currently SlenderXP), while the head of government is Penstubal. It's the richest country in the Shops Island region, housing a lot of money. This island also houses tons of banks. It's capital is Dancing Penguin City, while the largest is Moon Island City, the second largest is San Anderrie, the third largest is Gdanham and the fourth largest is Celestville.

Interesting Information[edit]

  • Wizzintine is as of June 13, 2015 the only Moon Island state without a star and crescent with a triangle on its flag.
  • The current chairman of Moon Island is Aquamarina14. The next chairman is brought into office September 26th.
  • Norholm encases 5 substates, whilst the Dancing Penguin subregion contains 3 and Moonholm & Conholm both contain 2. Moonholm's substates, Danea and Lunares, hold the subregion's biggest cities.
  • Mount has the most mountains on Moon Island, with an incredible 455 peaks (As of June 13, 2015).

Gallery of Moon Island flags[edit]

Moon Island Flags


All the cities, villages, towns, mountains etc. in Moon Island!

States and Cities[edit]

State Substate(s) State population Capital Capital population Other settlements Other settlements' populations Governor
FlagOfMoonholm.png Moonholm FlagOfLunares.png Lunares
FlagOfDanea.png Danea
409,872 FlagOfCelestville.png Celestville 192,012 FlagOfAquarius.pngPort Aquarius 15,718 Aquamarina14
FlagOfIsleOfSakuradai.png Sakuradai Islands 2,142
FlagOfNorholm.png Norholm QFlag.png Quackholm
QuackyFlag.png Quacky
WestNorholmFlag.png West Norholm
QIFlag.jpg The Island Of Quaxion
Flag q city.png The Island Of Quackington
350,000 FlagOfQCity.png Q City 150,000 QuackerFlag.pngQuackerville 30,000 Quackerpingu
NewQuackFlag.png New Quack City 30,000
QuaxionFlag.png Quaxion 125,000
QuackingtonFlag.png Quackington 15,000
FlagOfConholm.png Conholm WestConholm.png West Conholm
EastConholm.png East Conholm
200,000 NLC.png New LOL City 100,240 N/A N/A Mrdave921
FlagOfDPS.png Dancing Penguin Subregion Dp region flag north.pngD.P. City North
Dp region flag south.pngD.P. City South
Das er boire flag.pngDas er Boire
317,896 FlagOfDPC.png Dancing Penguin City 210,101 N/A N/A Dps04
FlagOfSirpathe.png Sirpathe N/A 878,329 FlagOfEpicCity.png Epicia 878,329 N/A N/A Dave Von Epic
FlagOfMount.png Mount N/A 450,097 FlagOfPuffleville.png PuffleVille N/A N/A TheNintendoKing
FlagOfMoonover.png Moonover N/A 504,374 FlagOfMoonIslandCity.png Moon Island City 745,253 FlagOfVirtualCity.png Virtual City 130,129 MIC Administration
N/A FlagOfMoonover.png Epic City 149,961
Flag0fHamshire.png Hamshire N/A 153,000 Sanpenguinoflag.png San Penguino N/A N/A N/A Sillybudz
WizzintineFlag.png Wizzintine N/A 353,901 GdanhamFlag.png Gdanham 201,176 FlagOfNewPengCity.png New Peng City Penstubal
FTFlag.png Federal Territory of the Moon Island Council N/A 75,987 N/A N/A N/A N/A MIC Administration
FlagOfGoldenCoast.png Golden Coast N/A 803,000 New San Anderrie Flag.jpeg San Anderrie 674,000 FlagOfGoldenCoast.png Pheonix 119,000 Slender
FlagOfTanthu.png Tanthu N/A 223,100 Puffle Village Flag.pngPuffle Village 5,001 N/A Elfarcher123
FlagOfF.A.R.png Freezestonian Autonomous Region N/A 122,654 Flag of Snowville.svg Snowville 57,528 N/A N/A Snowstormer
Moon Island Flag.png Moon Island ^ 4,796,501 (December 6th, 2015) FlagOfDPC.png Dancing Penguin City 210,101 ^ ^ Moon Island Council

Monuments outside of cities[edit]

Claim a Region[edit]

Look above in the list for an unclaimed region and claim it. Remember: 5 cities per user, 5 cities per region - meaning you can have 5 cities max, but a region can have 5 cities max. So if you claim a region with 4 cities you can only make 1 more there.

Want a City / Town / Village / Monument?[edit]

Request here! Say it's name, sub-region you want it to be located, on the west, east, north or south part of the sub-region, and if it's a city, town, village or monument! If it's a monument, please tell us a bit about it so we know what it is. If we don't like how you choosed your city's location, we will put it somewhere else in the same region or another.

If you're requesting a city, make sure the region doesn't have 5 cities already. Also, if there's a free region and you want to have a city, claim the region instead.

  • Seems legit. Remember though, this is your last city! --Aquamarina14 (Talk) 15:21, 25 June 2015 (UTC)

Can I make a Village in the North of Tanthu called the Puffle Village. And I want this to be the capital. elfarcher123 biding will happen soon (talk) 00:54, 29 April 2017 (UTC)

Permission granted. --CPRussia.pngBelarus flag.jpgSlender Talk to me 15:17, 29 April 2017 (UTC)