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Letter to the reader

Hello, dearie. Today's news were made just for you! I hope you like reading about the malls, shops, etc. Today, we open a feature called: "send your news". Cool? Let's mare see!

~From Aunt Io, the newspaper's writer.

The Bank

In Focus the most important place for you to shop.

The Bank is one of the first places you visit when you enter Club Penguin Shops. It takes 1 week long or 2 weeks for your bank account to be added to the list. Anyways, did you know what does your WikiBucket$ they worth on the real life? Keep reading.

In fact, the WikiBucket$ don't have any real life value. This is only a curiosity, so don't make anything that you shouldn't with the statistics that will be shown here. 1 WB$ is like 1/3 dollars (maybe).

Here are some rules of the bank:

  1. You can't make WikiBucket$ appear from the dust.
  2. Look for this rule on the bank
  3. Users with over 6000 WB$ will not receive interest.
  4. If you have a negative balance, you won't be able to buy anything until you have a positive balance again.
  5. Look for this rule on the bank
  6. Look for this rule on the bank
  7. Look for this rule on the bank
  8. Look for this rule on the bank

A big city requires a big time

Look for tips when opening a city

If you want to give a big experience for your customers, the experience of traveling a city, you should, obviously, build a city. Anyways, you can't be with the idea of making a metropolis and then, sudddenly, give up. Here are some tips of how to manage your city.

  • Forget about the malls!
    • It is better for your customer to navigate using just one page, so, say Au revoir to your malls and open your shops, separatedly. It's easier to manage as well.
    • If your mall is "2 good + 2 be = 4given", you can keep it if you don't open thousand other malls.
  • Style is important
    • Backgrounds, images, everything. This makes the customer feel super confortable.
  • It's time to make mascots
    • Lesser mascots for your mall and more mascots for your city!
  • Check your shops everyday.
    • Want to keep the customers? Check every page of your city everyday. Don't let anything pass unnoticed.

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