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The Lollipop Mall Tour
"I am Tour Guide George."
Hey! My name is Tour Guide George and I will be your tour guide this evening. Would you like some french fries with your hamburger? Wait a minute, this isn't a restaurant...what is it again? Oh! Right! A tour! My memory just isn't working right today... anyways, this is Lollipop Mall, the best mall in the whole... Lollipop... Mall... place. Now let's continue the tour, shall we?

Continue the tour

Lollipop Mall is temporarily closed, but it will reopen someday with a grand, new, brand-new design and dozens of new items!

Lollipop Mall

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Welcome to Lollipop Mall
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  • May 12 2019 — Just a reminder that I still exist. Yes, Lollipop Mall is coming back someday.
  • December 13 2018 — Wow, this year's Halloween Party ended even later than last year's. I really gotta stay on top of this stuff.
  • October 5 2018 — I'm temporarily reopening the mall for the annual Halloween party! Buy some stuff! Trick some treats! Have some times!
  • August 3 2018 — Just an announcement that I'm still alive, and a reminder that yes, Lollipop Mall is still coming back someday.


Free Items

There are no free items at this time.