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Welcome to the Pet Shop! Here you can buy regular puffles and Special Puffles!


The Puffle Search Team looks for wild puffles to keep in the pet shop. You can join the Puffle Search Team to find more puffles to sell at the mall!

Regular Puffles[edit]

Regular Puffles are all different colors, and they all have a different personality.

All puffles are 10 WB$ or 5 L$.

  • Gray Puffle: These are very unintelligent and gullible puffles. If you tell a Gray Puffle that he's made of baked beans, he'll believe you.
  • Dark Blue Puffle: A curious puffle that likes to experiment and learn. They are usually very smart.
  • Lavender Puffle: Lavender Puffles love construction and building. They build their own igloos and figure out how things are made and how machines work.
  • Dark Green Puffle: A sneaky, mischeivious puffle. If you see one, you can suspect that it's up to something. They are experts at hide and seek.
  • Aqua Puffle: A brave and fearless puffle. Nothing can scare it. They like to explore dark caves and dangerous places.
  • Light Yellow Puffle: This puffle is kind and obedient, and never hesitates to do something helpful.
  • Lime Green Puffle: A Lime Green Puffle is extremely lazy and never has any motivation to do anything. They are experts at sitting on the couch watching TV.

Puffle Items[edit]


All costumes are 8 WB$ or 4 L$.


All plushies are 5 WB$ or 3 L$.

Special Puffles[edit]

Special Puffles are different from regular puffles. They look different and have super powers sometimes.

All Special Puffles are 15 WB$ or 8 L$.


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