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Lollipop Mall

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Lollipop386 is the creator, owner, and CEO of Lollipop Mall. He designs, creates, and delivers most of the items. He lives on Shops Island, and is the current Master of Randomness. He also enjoys drawing and animating in his spare time.


Mike is an adventurous penguin. He loves to help out and always does jobs around the mall, but he usually finds a way to mess things up. He is a good friend of Lollipop386 and Lindy. He always wears his Red Puffle Shirt and Blue Propellor Cap.


Lindy is a smart and helpful worker and a friend of Mike. She's also good at fixing things, and she loves puffles more than anything. Her hair is actually a wig, but she doesn't like to admit it.

Silly D

Silly D is a crazy penguin who does weird things. I remember this one time when he put a sweater on his head and ran around the mall saying he was a chicken. Because that's the type of thing he does all the time. The "D" in his name probably stands for Daniel, but nobody else knows for sure. Because you can't really trust anything he says.

Dr. Genius

Dr. Terrareus Genius, PhD is an great inventor and scientist. He's even invented a time machine! He loves science and math, and likes to discover new experiments to work on. He always wears a bow tie... for some reason.


Reppohkcor is a captain who likes to sail the seas in search of gold. When he finds rare or valuable items or puffles, he delivers them to Lollipop Mall. He's probably related to Rockhopper somehow.

Lightning Sensei

Lightning Sensei is by far the most mysterious mascot. Hardly anything is known about him. He has trained his whole life in the mysterious art of Lightning Card-Jitsu. And strangely, he speaks in haikus.

Tour Guide George

Tour Guide George is, unfortunately, the only person who volunteered to be the Lollipop Mall tour guide. Somehow, he got the job. He takes people around the mall, shows them the different shops, falls asleep, and sometimes has a snack break at the food court... while he's still giving the tour. To tell the truth, he hardly even knows where anything is in the mall.

Paul the Puffle Handler

Paul the Puffle Handler, also known as Paul PH, is Lollipop Mall's president of puffles. He's the leader of the Lollipop Mall Puffle Search Team, and he finds puffles in the wild and takes care of them. He is an expert at training wild puffles.

Party Hat Guy

Party Hat Guy is the party planner and decorator for Lollipop Mall. He loves party hats. That's why there's so many party hats and party hat-related items in the mall. He owns every party hat ever sold. There's even a rumor that he ate a party hat for breakfast. He thought it was very tasty.

Sir Spookly

Sir Spookly is an evil ghost who likes to haunt people and things for his entertainment. He was born in 1863, and became a ghostologist. He strangely disappeared after one of his experiments, and ghostly sightings were reported around the island over 100 years later. He usually visits during Halloween Parties.


Popillol is an evil criminal penguin. He robs people, steals money, and has a terrible evil laugh. When he gets mad, he turns red. A lot of things make him mad, like Lollipop Mall for instance. His goal in life is to destroy Lollipop Mall and replace it with his own mall. He will then build more and more malls, in every country and every place! EVERYONE will buy everything from his Popillol Mall! Then, with his fame and fortune, he will take over the world! BWA-HA-HAAA— Oh, you're still here. I'm gonna go now.

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