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Here is a list of all the upcoming and past events in Lollipop Mall.

Current Events[edit]

Halloween Party 2019[edit]

Not even my inactivity can stop the annual Halloween party! Buy costumes, pumpkins, and all that other stuff that happens around this time!

Date: September 25th - whenever

Upcoming Events[edit]

Super Mario Takeover[edit]

The Super Mario Takeover returns once again with Bowser, Count Bleck, and all your favorite characters!

Date: To be decided

Past Events[edit]


Music Jam[edit]

Are you ready to dance? The Dark Green Puffle was discovered at the Music Jam!

Date: June 1st - June 20th

Ninja Party[edit]

The lightning dojo was opened. Three days only!

Date: June 20th - June 23rd

Summer Party[edit]

Happy summer time!

Date: July 1st - July 15th

Superhero Party[edit]

Protect the mall from villains!

Date: July 16th - August 5th

Super Mario Takeover[edit]

Bowser takes over the mall!

Date: August 13th - August 30th

Underground Expedition[edit]

Dig underground for treasure!

Date: September 25th - October 10th

Halloween Party 2012[edit]

BOO! Time travel into the past, buy a halloween costume, and carve your own pumpkin at the Haunted Mall!

Date: October 20th - November 5th

Blizzard of 2012[edit]

The evil penguin Popillol created a blizzard that hit Lollipop Mall! This is was Lollipop Mall's longest party!

Date: November 28 - January 26


Halloween Party 2013[edit]

Another ghostifying Halloween Party!

Date: October 30 - November 2

Super Party[edit]

Everything was 50% off in the mall for the Super Party!

Date: November 11 - December 30


Color Party[edit]

Rainbow time!

Date: January 15 - March 8

Galaxy Party[edit]

Travel through Outer Space!

Date: June 17 - September 4


Grand Reopening[edit]

The grand reopening of the closed Lollipop Mall! Date: August 27th - September 20th

Halloween Party 2016[edit]

The best Halloween party yet! Costume shops, pumpkin contests, and MORE!

Date: October 10th - November 1st

Holiday Party 2016[edit]

The first annual Holiday Party! New free items every day!

Date: December 15th - December 30th


April Fools' 2017[edit]

The very first annual April Fools' party! Be prepared for wackiness!

Date: April 1st - April 30th

5th Anniversary Party[edit]

Come celebrate 5 years of Lollipop Mall! Featuring old items and the history of the mall!

Date: May 10th - June 1st

Halloween Party 2017[edit]

Another Halloween party! Costumes, pumpkins, decorations, and spookiness! Be prepared to be scared! Or not! It's not actually that scary.

Date: October 20th - December 7th


Halloween Party 2018[edit]

The annual Halloween party! Prepare for more costumes, pumpkins, and scariness galore!

Date: October 5th - December 13th

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