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Lollipop Mall Blog

Holiday Party!
December 15, 2016

WOO HOO! The first annual Holiday Party is on! New free items will be revealed every day in the Christmas Countdown Store! Also, some mascots (like Reppohkcor or Party Hat Guy, for example) might visit on IRC to give out even more free items! Remember to wear a jacket, it's snowy out! Wait... it's always snowy out. Yeah, nevermind. Anyways, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, everyone!

— Lollipop386

October 8, 2016


Uh, hi, hey everyone. Mike here. I've got some TERRIBLE NEWS... Sir Spookly, the evil ghost, is... is... GOING TO GO ON IRC!! (GASP!) And... he's... he's... going to give out FREE ITEMS!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, EVERYONE! AAAAAGGHHH— Wait, what was I talking about? Muffins or something? I dunno. It probably wasn't important.

— Mike

Halloween Party Coming Soon!
October 8, 2016


Hey, everyone! It's me, Mike! Remember me? ...What? WHAT?! You don't?! Come on! I'm that guy with the puffle shirt and propeller cap. Except, I don't really wear the puffle shirt anymore... I'm wearing a pumpkin shirt now. It's good to get into the Halloween spirit. Ha ha. Get it? No? All right. I'm getting off topic anyways. So, as I was saying, we've started on construction for the Halloween Party... and it's going pretty good so far. Apparently the Halloween Party is going to be "the best party in the history of Lollipop Mall". Seriously, those are Lollipop's exact words. Except I dunno if I should trust him or not. He steals my propeller cap sometimes... Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, Lollipop also told me to post this sneak peek image. Yeah, that one over there. It looks like some spooky silhouettes or something like that. I think the first thing is some type of chocolate bar. Ooh! And the second one is an oyster filled with ghosts that throw peanuts at you until you give them cake! Boy, those peanut-oyster-ghosts really like cake. I just made that up, didn't I? I don't remember. So, yeah, remember that the party starts on October 10th.

— Mike

New Blog!
October 4, 2016


So, uh, hey guys! It's Lollipop! And guess what? We, like, have a blog now! Soooo that's pretty great, I guess. Anyways, I've got some good news! I know you've all been expecting a certain party this month. So, to celebrate everyone's favorite holiday, the Columbus Day Awesome Party is officially— What's that? What?! Ahem. Sorry. I've got some bad news. The Columbus Day Awesome Party is officially cancelled. That's disappointing. I really wanted there to be a party this October! And I can't think of anything else to celebrate! Oh, well. I guess we could always just get out those old Halloween decorations from Storage...

— Lollipop386

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