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Lollipop Mall!

Hi there! Welcome to Lollipop Mall!

This huge mall is where you can buy clothes, puffles, and anything else you can think of, all for awesome prices!

So hey, what are you waiting for? Go inside and look around! Who knows? You might even buy some things!

Floor 1

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  • Dec 30 2016 — The first annual Holiday Party is over. Can't wait until next year!
  • Dec 15 2016 — The Holiday Party 2016 is here! Get new free items every day!
  • Nov 5 2016 — The Halloween Party is over.
  • Oct 10 2016 — BEWARE! The Halloween Party is on now! Buy costumes, carve pumpkins, and quest for candy!
Things To Do
Free Items
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Lollipop Mall Blog

Holiday Party!
December 15, 2016

WOO HOO! The first annual Holiday Party is on! New free items will be revealed every day in the Christmas Countdown Store! Also, some mascots (like Reppohkcor or Party Hat Guy, for example) might visit on IRC to give out even more free items! Remember to wear a jacket, it's snowy out! Wait... it's always snowy out. Yeah, nevermind. Anyways, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, everyone!

— Lollipop386

October 8, 2016


Uh, hi, hey everyone. Mike here. I've got some TERRIBLE NEWS... Sir Spookly, the evil ghost, is... is... GOING TO GO ON IRC!! (GASP!) And... he's... he's... going to give out FREE ITEMS!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, EVERYONE! AAAAAGGHHH— Wait, what was I talking about? Muffins or something? I dunno. It probably wasn't important.

— Mike

Lollipop Mall Mascot Tracker
The Lollipop Mall characters go on IRC at any time. However, they usually go online during parties. You can meet them on the #clubpenguinwiki-shops server.