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Lollipop Mall

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Welcome to Lollipop Mall
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Floor 1
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  • September 6 2017 — I'm still here! Sorry about the inactivity. I'll be back soon, trust me.
  • August 1 2017 — I'm going to be taking a break from the mall for a while to work on other stuff.
  • July 8 2017 — The auctions are back, with new items and a brand new design! All items start at 10 WB$. Bid now!
  • July 1 2017 — Lollipop Mall has just won Mall of the Month for the second time! Thanks to Chill57181 who nominated it, and Penguinpuffdude and DJDiamond who voted for it!
Free Items

There are no free items at this time.


Lollipop Mall Blog

Holiday Party!
December 15, 2016

WOO HOO! The first annual Holiday Party is on! New free items will be revealed every day in the Christmas Countdown Store! Also, some mascots (like Reppohkcor or Party Hat Guy, for example) might visit on IRC to give out even more free items! Remember to wear a jacket, it's snowy out! Wait... it's always snowy out. Yeah, nevermind. Anyways, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, everyone!

— Lollipop386

October 8, 2016


Uh, hi, hey everyone. Mike here. I've got some TERRIBLE NEWS... Sir Spookly, the evil ghost, is... is... GOING TO GO ON IRC!! (GASP!) And... he's... he's... going to give out FREE ITEMS!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, EVERYONE! AAAAAGGHHH— Wait, what was I talking about? Muffins or something? I dunno. It probably wasn't important.

— Mike

Lollipop Mall Mascot Tracker
The Lollipop Mall characters go on IRC at any time. However, they usually go online during parties. You can meet them on the #clubpenguinwiki-shops server.