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Do you want to return to the mall, bambino?[edit]

Hello, you penguin! Welcome to my Pizza Parlor. Here you can order the best pizza ever and be appy with your friends. We sell slices, and I sell entire pizzas too, so you can buy your hunger just in the size. What are you waiting for? We have some delicious pizzas waiting for you here.

Pizza Guide[edit]

There are so much sizes of pizza and I would love for you to know all of them.


A normal slice of pizza that can be bought only. It is good to buy 2 or 4 of them at once. It can be of all the flavors that they are selected, and on the daily pizza rotation it will be selected by me.
A slice of an everything pizza.

You can buy until 7 slices at once. More than 7 slices are delivered as a pizza and more (if more).


A tiny pizza with nothing but 6 slices. Best if you are alone or with your best friend.
A tiny Margarita pizza


A medium pizza with 8 slices. Best choice if you are with two or three friends, but take care for them to not eat so much!
A medium Margarita pizza with some new ingredients added


The biggest pizza here. It comes with 10 slices and you can use it in a family reunion.
A big Four-Cheese pizza.


See our kinds of pizza slice.

Tiny Pizza[edit]

We have so much tiny pizzas for you to eat with your best friend.

Pizza Fact[edit]

You probably heard that pizza was originally made on Italy... huh?
An Italian authentic pizza, made on a real Italian pizza parlor.
That is not true. Pizza was possibly made by the ancients on the Egypt, Greece or Africa. They used to blend the wheat and water to make a special bread (a rustic pizza!).

Medium Pizzas[edit]

Pizza Fact[edit]

The biggest pizza of the world
The biggest pizza of the world was made on Italy and recevied the name of "Ottavia". It has 40 inch of diameter, and it is on the Guinnes Book. Cogratulations again, Italy, for being the best pizza maker of the world.

Big Pizzas[edit]

Will you want a pizza that's huge? Here you are!

Notes when ordering[edit]


Please watch your sauce, it will be requested on your order, if don't specified, your order will come with Pizza Sauce.


You need to specify how much cheese do you want. Example: "pizza with hot sauce, normal cheese", you have three options: normal cheese, full of cheese, or extra cheese.

Daily Pizza[edit]

Do you want the surprise? Everyday a new slice for you to taste! There are 6 days, everyday a new different flavor you've never tasted before! Or, if you want, you can get our own pizzas. Which will you decide?


Ok, I understood. After reading all those pizza parlice, you want to taste some of our delicious pizzas. Rejoice, the cashier is here. We will deliver in 1-2 days. I hope you like our services!
Bon appetit!

Order here[edit]

Don't forget to specify your sauce and cheese!


Wait, wait, wait. Will you order with those clothes? I'm seeing before eating a lot, you need to have a better look! Come on, I can fix it in 3-4 seconds. Come to Prepositions' Clothes Store to buy your best clothes. See you there!