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Welcome to the Item Factory!

So let's say you have ideas for items that you'd like to sell but, unfortunately you lack all the editing skills to make them real? No problem! That's when I come in!
Here at the Item Factory you can request ANY item you want, for a price of course, these are our current offers:

Club Penguin item recolor - 20 WB$
Completely custom item - 50 WB$

To request a Club Penguin item, please list the name of the item on Club Penguin and what parts you want recolored from it. For a completely custom item, image references will help to get exactly what you want, even though it's not required.

Please note that you aren't buying an item for you to keep in your inventory, you're buying the item and its rights to sell in your own mall or project! If a request is over 30 days old, your request is free! Enjoy!

Request an item![edit]

  • I don't remember a lot of CP's old items (rip me) like I used to, and I have no idea what they're doing nowadays so... Could you just make me something cool? B) CK 06:08, 22 August 2016 (UTC)
  • A remake of this while still maintaining the same image dimensions and keeping room for an advertisement. I'll gladly pay 100 WB$. --NevadaFlag.png Yoshi11 | Yes! 21:33, 27 August 2016 (UTC)
  • Recolour this item please. [1] Yellow flowers, red circles and the rest will be mild orange. Penguinpuffdude, the cool peng! (talk) (talk) 4th of September, 2016. Almost 30 days old, be quick! Penguinpuffdude, the cool peng! (talk) (talk) 07:02, 4 October 2016 (UTC)