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Unfortunately, GGD's Mall has been closed. You'll be unable to order any items or request services. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Don't worry! A list of open malls can be found here.
Welcome to GGD's Mall, the mall of GGD, GGD of the mall, blah blah blah! We're happy to sell your everyday needs and wants to you!

If you'd like to by anything at the mall, great! If not, and you'd like to explore, that's perfectly fine too. We respect every choice you make.

THIS MONTH'S THEME IS... PufflePartyLogo.png

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Current Free Items[edit]

Our Various Stores![edit]

Want to explore the mall? Read below



  • Food Court - Feeling hungry? Grab a bite at our food court!
  • Upgrade Express - Wanting a new igloo to replace your dull, boring one? Check out Upgrade Express for the hottest new igloos!
  • Robot Racket - Introducing a store owned by Gary the Gadget Guy, Robot Racket is the perfect store for anything robot-related!


  • It's A Laff! - Are you a prankster? Come get your pranking needs at It's A Laff, owned by Rookie!
  • History of the Mall - Go back to the mall's Wikia origins with this epic historical site!
  • In Style - This popular clothing store will make your friends think you're, In Style!


  • The Playlist - See what songs play on certain holidays at the mall!
  • List 'o' Events - Check out past, present and future events for the Mall!


Announcements Center[edit]

December 10th, 2012: The mall is back, and great news; the Christmas Party starts tomorrow!

January 15th, 2013: Happy belated New Year, shoppers! Sorry for no New Years celebration, but the Puffle Party has begun!