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The Mare Mall


Here on Furni, a Mare Inc. furnitute shop, you can buy the best possible things for cheap prices. Also, you can see our mall and buy a snack, clothes, etc. It's very cool to have you here, so feel free to waddle around the shop and look four our furnitute here. Let's start!


Now you will have something to sit on!


Something to sit on, but not a sofa.

More Items

Since there are lots and lots of different furnitute, we decided to don't organize all of them. Those here are good too, but just al in a slot.

That's it, crew! If you want more furnitute, you can suggest your item. Hey, you might have seen something that you want to keep with you forever. Here you can order whatever you want, the money will be managed by Mare Inc. and it will be added a fiscal note to your profile. Also, the mailman service will deliver it for you.


Suggest an Item

That was really cool to have you with us!