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Unfortunately, Eggnog Emporium has been closed. You'll be unable to order any items or request services. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Don't worry! A list of open malls can be found here.

Welcome to the

Eggnog Emporium

About Us

Here at the Eggnog Emporium, we have three goals: Quality, satisfaction and fun. Keeping those goals in mind, we try to make each customer's visit enjoyable and fun!

The Emporium was dedicated on December 1st, 2013 by "CK", after it's much larger predecessor was closed. The only current staff member in the mall is CK, who, due to his old age, may take a long time to waddle to your talk page to deliver items. Usually if it's longer than a few weeks you get it for free! It also takes Cp Gramps a while to make new items too, so updates won't be frequent.

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