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Here it is. The East Mall. Full of shops where you can buy many things. You can go up the elevator and find more stores in some floors up here.


  • Halloween - 8 - 17 October 2012

Upcoming events[edit]


  • 20 - Mascots' stores and a new catalog named In the Style, at the Floor 3 Done.


  • 2 - Floor 4 with secret items (hmm...) Done.
  • 8 - Halloween Party for you! Pumpkins, ghosts, Gary, haunted house... fun and spooky things until October 17th.
  • 18 - We'll see if the rumors that Subway will receive a renovation are true.
  • 20 - A new party that will shake your flippers until October 29th!
  • 24 - More stores, at the Floor 5, and things involving arrows, bows, targets, balls, soccer fields, volleyball courts, basketball courts...

Free items


The elevator.East Mall elevator.png


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