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Due to me being unnaturally busy in the real world these few months, Diamond Shopping Center and all of its shops will be closed temporarily. All orders that of 5th August 2018 will not delivered. No refunds will be given after DSC reopens. This gives me time to upload new items and update the mall at my own pace, giving me more time. The DEA will still be open, though. I will still be on shops, and will regularly check my Shops inbox, so you can contact me there. There is no definite reopening date, but it will be sometime in the start of next year. (Around middle of January)


Welcome to Diamond Shopping Center!




Sapphire Style

Rubies Furniture

Emerald Cafe


Penguin Backgrounds

Pin Perfect

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No Mascots are visiting. To see the full list of mascots, go here


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Free Items

Please Note: These items are free and you can simply put them into your inventory, however, please leave a note on my talk page before you do so.

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