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Unfortunately, Typhoon Mall/1 has been closed. You'll be unable to order any items or request services. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Don't worry! A list of open malls can be found here.
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Current Promotion

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We are currently promoting packages! Click on what you're looking for!

Book Pack!

Sun Pack!

Rainbow and Music Pack!

Olympic Pack!

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coming soon!

1/F - Catalogs

Welcome to Typhoon Center! Feel free to click on what you're looking for!

Custom Card-Jitsu Cards!

Clothing Items

Party items


Sports Items



Custom Items

Typhoon Brand Items

Colors and Flags


Unlockable Items (coming soon)

Dps04's Favourite (coming soon)

Pets (coming soon)

Games (coming soon)

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  • Name of Pin: 3 years of Typhoon Mall #84
  • Available from: 5th October 2015
  • Available to: 12th October 2015
  • Inspired By (if any) : ---

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2/F - Shops and Branches -- Request for one HERE!

Button2.png Tip of the Week: Do you know that here in Typhoon Mall, catalogs are generally updated more frequently than shops?
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By Wolfgangs


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By Dps04


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